Video Depositions

When a witness is not available to give live testimony, On The Record can record and show it for you. Our trained professional videographers understand the importance of capturing the essence of the testimony and will deliver it for you, rather than having a paralegal read a hard copy of the transcript.

On The Record can capture a witness' body language, voice inflection, and their emotion which adds a human element to their story that no reading of a paper transcript could ever communicate.

Our standard video deposition service includes the following:

  • Videographer always attempts to be on site one hour in advance of scheduled start time
  • Individual lavaliere microphones for the deponent, and opposing counsel are provided.
    (Additional microphones are available if requested)
  • Depositions are recorded in Digital Tape and DVD
  • When needed a backdrop will be provided
  • A backup tape is always recorded simultaneously with the original.
  • A complimentary set of audiotapes is recorded on site and handed to the court reporter at the conclusion of the deposition.
  • All of our videographers bring backup equipment, in case of an emergency
  • Instant delivery is available upon request. (If you need to take a tape with you, for next day playback etc. simply sign for it and we will maintain a copy)

View sample video deposition